Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Playoff Predictions

Okay, I'll keep it short and sweet:

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks -- D-backs in 5. Although the Cubs (and the whole NL Central) are weak, if the Cubs were to win the series it would be because the D-backs have a lot of rookies on their team. Though the Cubs as a team haven't been in the postseason in a few years, many of their players have (Soriano, Lilly, etc.)

Phillies vs. Rockies -- Tough one. It's unfortunate that the two most exciting NL playoff teams will meet in the first round. Phillies in 4.

Red Sox vs. Angels -- Red Sox in 4. The Angels are as bad against the Red Sox as the Yankees are against the Angels.

Yankees vs. Indians -- Yankees in 5, though I could see the Yankees losing this one. I have no confidence in Mussina pitching a game four, and I can only pray that Clemens can summon up whatever he has left to win game three. We will probably lose game one in Cleveland to Sabathia with our lefty-dominated lineup.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I hope the Rockies last more than 4 games, Denver is just starting to remember that we have a baseball team. I wonder if our altitude will be an advantage, though I'm not sure if would be in baseball

Michelle Pessoa said...

They're winning right now, but it's only the second inning.

The advantage the Rockies have is the lack of humidity in Denver, not the altitude. Evidently baseballs fly far when the air is dry. That's why they started putting the balls in a humidor to cut down on the homers.

Oops, The Phillies just took the lead 3-2.