Friday, December 08, 2006

Andy Pettitte is headed back to the New York Yankees!

From Excite Sports News:
NEW YORK (AP) -Andy Pettitte is headed back to the New York Yankees.

Pettitte and the Yankees reached a preliminary agreement Friday on a $16 million, one-year contract, a deal that reunites the two-time All-Star with the team he helped to win four World Series titles.
Yay!!!! We should never have let Andy go in the first place!



Luke Cage said...

If Roger comes along, then I'll be with this move... I love Andy and I was mad that Yankees played games with signing him. A quality, left handed thrower, and a great addition to a rotation that has some young guns now and some cagey veterans in Johnson, Moose and Rivera. We've had a good off season Michelle. Are you feeling it?

Michelle Pessoa said...

I'm feeling it! Andy had some arm trouble in Houston, but that was because he had to bat. If he had stayed here, none of that would've happened.

Welcome back!