Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anti-Hillary YouTube Video Maker Revealed

You've all seen this video by now. Yesterday it was revealed that the person behind the ad was tangentially associated with the Obama campaign after all.

From ABC News:
The presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was rocked by revelations Wednesday night that one of its contracted employees was the creator of a scathing YouTube video against his opponent Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., despite Obama's insistance that he had nothing to do with it.

Phil de Vellis, until Wednesday an employee of the company that handles Obama's Web site, boasted in a posting on the Huffington Post that he made the ad, though he claimed neither the Obama campaign nor his former employer, Blue State Digital — which does software development and hosting for Obama's campaign — was aware that he had.

"The specific point of the ad was that Obama represents a new kind of politics, and that Senator Clinton's 'conversation' is disingenuous," de Vellis wrote of the critical ad that uses an Apple computer TV ad to make Clinton appear like Big Brother. "And the underlying point was that the old political machine no longer holds all the power."

"This ad was not the first citizen ad, and it will not be the last," de Vellis wrote ominously. "The game has changed."

The admission threatened to besmirch Obama's pledge to run a clean campaign that doesn't attack his opponents, not to mention statements Obama made earlier this week about the ad.
It's great to have intelligent people trying to pitch in, isn't it? BTW, I'm not feeling Obama at all. More about that some other time.



Luke Cage said...

Ooooh, so someone in his camp had some attachment to the video after all huh? My wife indicated as much and told me "don't you believe it" like Tom and Jerry!!! -lol- I'm not feeling Barack also, and I don't think he should run now. I think they would make him the fall guy for the war and a whole lot of other things as well. -Blame the brotha

Michelle Pessoa said...

I don't see how he could win the nomination or the general election. The South is still the South.

But I agree with you about him being turned into a scapegoat if he actually did win. It's started already and there hasn't been a single primary yet. There was an Australian politician who stated something to the effect that Al Qaeda is praying for an Obama presidency. Like there's any basis for such a statement.