Monday, April 02, 2007

Baseball Season 2007: Predictions

I’m starting my baseball season podcast (hopefully) this Sunday, but I felt I needed to put out my predictions ahead of time.

American League

East: Yankees

Central: Tigers

West: Angels

Wild Card: White Sox

National League

East: Mets

Central: Cubs

West: Dodgers

Wild Card: Phillies

Division Series Matchups

American League

Yankees vs. White Sox

Angels vs. Tigers

National League

Mets vs. Dodgers

Cubs vs. Phillies

League Championship Series Matchups

American League

Yankees vs. Tigers

National League

Mets vs. Cubs

World Series

Yankees vs. Mets

World Champs

Yankees (What did you think I’d say??)

Surprise Team of 2007

Milwaukee Brewers. I think they’ll flirt with the Wild Card all year. I’m also pretty confident that Atlanta isn’t going to be a cellar dweller this year.


Luke Cage said...

Hmmm... lets see here. I'm not too sold on the Cubs luv. I think the Brewers will come out of the Central and wreak havoc on some teams. Maybe not actually emerging and moving on, but they will be heavily in the conversation. I don't think that the Cubs have enough pitching even with all of the runs they'll give up. No good scoring all those runs if your pitching staff is going to give it right back.

For some reason, I keep thinking that San Diego will somehow make things interesting for the Dodgers.

American League..? Hmmm...You can't count Oakland out of the West. Every year this team is in the hunt during the last part of the year. Just when you have them buried, here they go making a run from August. Them and those pesky Twins.

Mets vs. Yankees again like last year huh? I'll take it.

Michelle Pessoa said...

The NL Central is a stank division. The pitching for Houston and St. Louis have gotten worse, which is why I think the Cubs can pull this off.

I can't see San Diego winning the NL West three years in a row, but they did pick up Maddux.

The A's and the Angels flip flop every year. The A's pitching has gone down with the loss of Zito, while the Angels have an upcoming star in Jered Weaver. But these teams will probably be fighting until the last weekend of the season.