Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Last Night on "Heroes"

The seven-week hiatus was excruciating, but last night's episode was pretty meaty.

Hiro met up with his future self. Not sure where that's going.

Niki/Jessica continues to work for Linderman, despite the fact that D.L. threatens to take Micah from her.

Linderman wants Micah to do something for him. I bet he wants the kid to mess with electronic voting machines and swing the election to Nathan.

Peter manages to survive his second encounter with Sylar, but only because he has Claire's super healing ability. Mohinder takes Peter's "body" back to his family and Claire pulls a huge shard of glass out of his brain, which revives him.

Nathan listens to Linderman's spiel about saving the world and buys into his plan. The plan is evidently to rig the election, let most of New York get blown up by an exploding Peter, and then position Nathan as some savior that's going to "lead people out of darkness."

Claire gets to know her granny, who is a really calculating old woman. Granny Petrelli showed no emotion when Mohinder showed up with Peter's body. She actually suggested to Nathan that they hide Peter's body until after the election. Is she really that cold, or did she know that Peter wasn't dead?

Mohinder. Dude, what is your problem?? He underestimated Sylar, then he got jacked up and stuck on the ceiling. But then Peter shows up and Mohinder manages to knock Sylar out... and he leaves Sylar alive and escapes with Peter's body!! Is he insane or what? At the very least if he was unable to kill him for personal moral reasons he should've, I dunno, broken both his legs, tied him up, put the IV back in him... SOMETHING! Jeez!

Matt. Matt is the butt monkey of the show. Luckily, Mr. Benett told him exactly what to do to escape from Primatech. Now we have the unlikely trio of Matt, Mr. Benett and Ted, the radioactive guy.

Last but not least, Isaac. I couldn't believe Isaac gave himself up like that and literally laid back and let Sylar cut his head open in a pseudo crucifixion scene. That pissed me off. I have to assume that something about having Isaac's power will have a negative impact on Sylar, but I hated that. He went out soft.

I guessing the comic book pages and sketchbook Isaac gave to the Asian guy moments before Sylar showed up has some clues the remaining heroes will use to kill Sylar.

Questions: Where's Mrs. Bennet? Where's Mr. Muggles? What happened to the Haitian?

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Luke Cage said...

Luv, I didn't know that you were still watching Heroes. For some reason, I didn't think you were still keeping up with it because I didn't think you thought the show would make it. Alll-right!!! Glad that you are still into it, here are all my theories.

So, I think Linderman's power is that of resurrection than regenerative. Someone said that he had powers like Claire. I felt otherwise.

I only say that because Claire has the claims on powers of regeneration and thus far, we haven't seen 2 heroes with the same powers. I think that rose was either dead or dying in which Linderman was able to "resurrect" it from death.

It was this power of his that had me thinking that when Peter got killed by Sylar that there was no way by the end of that episode Peter would remain that way.

I thought somehow, Linderman would enter the fray and perhaps rise Peter from death. Instead, it was Claire who too had suffered something similar to Peter way back in the 2nd episode who manages to bring Peter back. Simply by removing the glass from the back of his head.

Did you notice that current Hiro lowered his katana sword and the future Hiro maintained a defensive posture when they met up with eachother? He definitely is privy to some valuable info about the future.

Then again, dude looks like a savvy and seasoned veteran in the art of combat.

I think there is some background that will be revealed later of the whole Linderman being either both Peter and Nathan's father or maybe one son by Linderman and one by the biological father maybe? Or maybe it's simply redirection. But as we know by now, yes, both parents who have powers are usually involved in the birthing of a meta-Hero themselves so that might wipe my theory right there.

Out of all of the time travel movies, it was Jean-Claude Van Damme's flick Time Cop that established 2 matters could not occupy the same space at the same time without suffering irreparable damage, but not to the space time continuum, but to themselves. Both the future and current selves would cease to exist.

If you consider that in the X-Men universe, the storyline Days of Future Past, the future Kitty Pryde attempted to go back in time to prevent the assassination of the President which in turn initiated the Mutant Registration Act. She's successful in preventing the assassination, but her meddling with the past caused multiple and parallel time lines.

I think it's this theory that shows that both current Hiro and future Hiro come into contact with eachother. If current Hiro is going to attempt to go back in time to prevent the blowing up of New York City, and future Hiro is existing in the future where the explosion has already occurred, it only stands to reason that both of them failed in their attempt to change this from happening.

Therefore we may have to entertain the theory that it's inevitable that they cannot thwart this disaster from ever occurring. But maybe, they can minimize the fallout perhaps. Keep the blast to blocks instead of the entire city. I don't know. But I can't wait until this entire storyline is fleshed out. It's going to be great.

And how about HRG, Parkman and Ted? Ted actually looks decent when he's all shaved up and cleaned down. But Parkman and Ted have slowly become the Beavis and Butthead comic relief albeit totally by accident. I mean, first they're arguing about how to handle HRG because he's toyed with them in the past -lol- then they begin this spat about HRG telling Matt to tell Ted that he has to initiate an EMP, which neither of them know what that is, then they are like bosom buddies in the diner with Matt totally laughing his ass off and calling HRG a schlup because dude is as much in the dark about Linderman as they are.

And what about the exploding man theory? Peter has seen himself exploding, but what if we go by Isaac's painting where the exploding man really has no identity as to who it can be in that illustration, that it turned out to be Ted or even lets say Sylar with someone's acquired powers. (Ted's maybe or a manifestation of all of those pent up abilities?)

Someone mentioned that when Sylar steals others abilities, it's a bastardization of those abilities, and maybe he's the one that goes chernobyl instead. (all of this is in theory to the painting. Not what Peter has seen in his dreams)

Maybe the whole Linderman revelation about the 0.7% needing to die to initiate this new world order is why we see a very composed Nathan with Peter when he's about to explode seem very relaxed. (I'm referring to Peter's dreams) Because he wants this to happen. And when it happens, maybe Linderman will be able to resurrect both brothers or something? Okay, now I'm running off with this.

However, IF Peter's dream is indeed a very accurate glimpse of the future, Isaac and Simone are alive in this event. Something must have been changed in the past, or will be in the next few weeks. And boy, how do you steal someone's artistic abilities and create that ugly painting of Sylar in the White House? Does Sylar somehow end up in the White House as President??? Whew! Did anything I write here make any sense? -lol