Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ain't Gonna Happen

Nice job of Photoshopping, but this ain't gonna happen. If the Yanks want Santana they should wait till after 2008. Why give up half the farm for a guy who's gonna be a free agent after one season?

Image swiped from here.


Luke Cage said...

They came close this past week, but the Twins are playing hardball. I don't blame 'em. But if the Yankees lose him to the Sox, it's a wrap. We won't be winning for at least another couple of seasons. AT the least. And you saw what Detroit just did with Cabrera!

Michelle Pessoa said...

What bugs me is that it looks like the Twins are willing to do a deal for a guy who had cancer (Lester) and a weak-hitting outfielder (CoCo) with the Sox, but they want two of the three young pitchers from the Yankees. The Sox offer them garbage, but they want diamonds from the Yanks.

That Detroit deal blows my mind. They got two All Stars from the Marlins and gave them back six minor leaguers. How come no one wants to do a stupid deal like that with the Yanks, or even the Mets?