Thursday, September 14, 2006

Greek Ninja

From Reuters:

ATHENS (Reuters) - A Greek bank robber armed with ninja throwing stars finally ran out of moves Tuesday when police arrested him after an Athens bank robbery.

Petros Onen, 49, had held up 11 small suburban bank branches making away with 50,000 euros ($63,590) in recent months, threatening to throw his razor-sharp, palm-size stars -- made famous by the Japanese ninja warriors -- at cashiers, police said.

His luck ran out when undercover policemen at the last bank he robbed followed him home and arrested him with his loot, his throwing stars, a fake gun and a list of other bank branches.


Luke Cage said...

"Everybody was Kung-fu fighting" Haah-yyaaah!!! -lol

Michelle Pessoa said...

Oh, I love that song. It took itself so seriously. Gotta love disco. :)