Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New York Wins, Part II

Actually they didn't win, but the Red Sox lost and the Yankees clinched their 9th consecutive division title. I wish they'd done it at home against the Red Sox, but the Yanks are in and they're out, so it's all good.

The White Sox are out, so now it's a question of whether the Yanks play the Twins or the Tigers in the first round. I'd prefer the Tigers, since the Twins have become a good offensive team lately.


Luke Cage said...

I wouldn't want to face the Twins in a short series. Either team though can give the Yanks fits. I still feel real good about them beating everyone and going to the World Series...

Michelle Pessoa said...

I think our pitching is messed up, but every one else's pitching among likely opponents is even worse. If we face the Twins, their only hope is to pitch Santana three times, and they may not be able to do that since he may have to pitch on the last or next to last day of the season just for them to clinch the wild card or the AL Central title.

How did you like Sheffield last night playing first? Not too bad.