Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Model Behavior

Heroin Chick
Kudos to British retailer Burberry, Swedish-based fashion giant H&M and French fashion house Chanel for all dropping supermodel Kate Moss. Moss, famous for embodying the “heroin chic” look, has long been dogged by rumors of being a drug abuser and she finally got busted. British tabloid the Daily Mirror has printed photos of her doing blow and her contracts has gone kaput.

I have my doubts about things like whether the fact that Rafael Palmiero in particular takes steroids really has made any young male do the same, but when you put a drugged up chick forward as a standard of beauty, well, people (teen girls) are going to kill themselves to achieve that look.


Florida Voter said...

Good call on the part of H&M and Chanel. I have a teenage daughter and luckily she does not look up to these drug addicts like Kate Moss.

Michelle Pessoa said...

These models have far more influence than athletes. I'm glad her former employers decided to part company with her.