Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Things to Come

I predict the following things will happen in the months to come as a result of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster:
  • We will find out that a scary number of felons, sex offenders and mental patients escaped into the general population in the chaos of the storm and their records have been destroyed.
  • Some children who are not orphans will be declared as such because they can’t be identified.
  • Someone will claim a baby that is not theirs and the birth parents will have to get a DNA test done to get their child back.
  • Some evacuees will assault people then declare themselves “not guilty” because of post traumatic stress disorder caused by the hurricane.
  • The true body count will never be known.
  • Lawsuits will be filed against Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco and FEMA on behalf of those murdered, assaulted, or denied medical attention in the Superdome and the Convention Center, and those who will be “forcibly” removed from their homes.
  • Someone will organize a pop album featuring a dozen or so well-known artists and proclaim that the proceeds will go towards the relief effort. Rappers, many of whom are from the South, will drop the ball and fail to do the same thing.
  • Displaced teens put into new schools will have violent encounters with “indigenous” students.
  • Public sympathy will gradually turn against the evacuees in as little as three months if they fail to find jobs and move out of the shelters.

I’ll check back in with this list once a month until January and discuss which of these predictions have come true.

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