Thursday, September 01, 2005

Our Tsunami

Five-month-old Heaven Girod is handed over to a National Guardsman as she is being evacuated from a flooded area in New Orleans August 30, 2006. 30 Aug 2005 REUTERS/Rick Wilking.
Where do I begin with this one?

I don't understand this. What went wrong here?

Watching the events of the past few days unfold has been bizarre. By the time Hurricane Katrina touched down on Monday, people had been warned to evacuate for 3-4 days already. Yet thousands of people are supposedly dead, just like in any Third World natural disaster. They're saying this disaster is second only to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake in devastation as far as America goes.

But concerning this death toll, why is it so high when there was so much warning? I can understand the people who got stuck in their cars. The roads were clogged and they were inching along too slow to escape the storm. But why were so many people trapped in their homes? Not all of these people were procrastinators. It looks like most of the people who got trapped had no transportation. The evacuation plan apparently consisted of telling people to go to shelters or flee to another state, but if they had no car, too bad. There weren't buses or vans canvassing communities in an organized fashion to evacuate people who didn't have the means to reach a shelter. They were just assed out.

Price gouging on gas has begun. I filled up last week and was appalled when the total came to $50 even for about 17 gallons. And the price then was $2.97. Now it's over $3.50 up here. Some bastard down in Atlanta is already selling gas at $6 a gallon for premium.

As for the asses who fired on the military helicopters that are trying to rescue people... WHY???

But the best thing I heard today was that Germany and some other countries are sending us monetary aid and supplies to deal with this crisis.


The worm has turned for the USA.

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