Sunday, April 02, 2006

Play Ball

With the baseball season starting tonight, now’s a good time to post my predictions.

American League

East: New York Yankees

Central: Cleveland Indians

West: Oakland A’s

Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays

National League

East: Atlanta Braves

Central: St. Louis Cardinals

West: San Francisco Giants

Wild Card: New York Mets

American League Championship Series

Yankees vs. Cleveland

National League Championship Series

Cardinals vs. Giants

World Series

Yankees vs. Giants

World Champions



Shannon said...

Go Yankees! My son got put on the "Red Sox" little league team and it's killing my husband seeing him in that Sox uniform! ;-)

Wanted to wish you the best with the baby! A C-section really is preferable to natural childbirth, in my book. As a friend of mine likes to say, "No pain, no pain!"

Michelle Pessoa said...

I'd have to pull my son out of that league. ;)