Saturday, April 29, 2006


I stumbled upon a new series on FX called Thief a few weeks ago. It's pretty interesting. Nick Atwater (played by Andre Braugher) leads a small group of black and Latino professional thieves operating out of New Orleans. In the first episode the team botches a heist of a bank and runs afoul of the Chinese mafia. This snafu ultimately leads to the death of Nick's fence and forces Nick to kill Izzy, one of his own guys. Things get further complicate for Nick when his wife unexpectedly dies in a car accident leaving him with a white stepdaughter who hates him and who is a witness to the murder of Izzy.

The writing is tight and I like how the thieves are neither outrageously high-tech Mission: Impossible types, nor bumbling hoods. The series is set to end in a few episodes (talk about a really short run), but if it's re-broadcast this summer or renewed for the Fall, be sure to catch it.



Stephanie said...

Hi Mich,
Thief was one of my favorite programs in its short "season". I hope it gets a longer run in the future. There is nothing like situations that make the viewer uncomfortable, plus Andre Braugher and Will Yun Lee - what's not to like? LOL!

Michelle Pessoa said...

My only problem with the show is that it's on FX. :) I don't think it's going to get the exposure it deserves.