Monday, December 12, 2005

Hasta La Vista, “Tookie” Williams

Aren’t you glad you’re not the “govinator” today?

Convicted murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams is scheduled to die in about 12 hours in California. Pressure is on for governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant him clemency and commute his death sentence to life imprisonment.

No matter how this goes down, everybody is screwed.

Tookie has been nominated six times for a Nobel Peace Prize. But does that make it okay for him to have killed four people?

Not if they were members of my family, it doesn’t!!

But if this man is put to death, we look like beasts. I think it’s safe to say that the person who did those crimes in 1979 isn’t the same person being put to death.

And if Charles Manson’s death sentence could be commuted, you can certainly do that for someone who has renounced violence. I mean, really. Why is Manson not dead?

Then there’s the fact that Arnold wants to be re-elected. He stands to lose votes either way. If he doesn't commute the sentence, he’ll be destroyed in the next election by his opponent. Think of the ads they can come up with. But if he does grant clemency, he's “soft on crime” and he “caved in to the radical left.”

Oh, and there’ll probably be a riot if Tookie dies, God knows.



UPDATE: Arnold did not commute the sentence. Tookie will die tonight.


JamaicanQueen said...

One reporter said that before he was executed he seemed to be trying to intimidate the witnesses. The reporter said that he stared at them throught the glass and the stare was cold. What look was this man looking for? Crying, whimpering or straight out bawling? Don't get me wrong these are all things I would be doing but that is not to say that he had to. That damn reporter had nothing better to say, than to make the man last moments seem as if he were more evil than he might have been before. I am not saying that he didn't kill those people but I am agreeing with you. The man who was executed last night was not the same man who murdered those people. While in prison, he has written books about how wrong the lifestyle that he helped start is. That to me was him showing remorse. I guess those people were expectng him to fall out on the floor and scream like well....the way I would if I were about to be executed. But that wasn't his way. Hopefully, there won't any riots.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I know just what you're talking about! That reporter from Fox News made it seem like there was something wrong because Tookie didn't blubber at the end.

And of course if he had broken down and blubbered, that same reporter would've said he was weak and unmanly.