Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Johnny Damon is now a Yankee.


You mean to tell me no one in our minor league system could fill the centerfield role?


Courtney said...

Johnny, Johnny, Johhny.
Traitor. Dead to me now.
Michele sent me.

dakotajh said...

ive never been a baseball type person, but he is cute, isnt he!

dakotajh said...

greetings michele sent me! im not a baseball fan, so i dont know who he is!

Prego said...

i heard that on the radio tonightg - it doesn't surprise me - damn yankee player poaching. i'm glad a-rod took a proverbial s-h-*-t for them!


here via michele tonight. nice to meet you.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Well, you most likely could, but probably couldn't find one so scruffy. Anyways, I think Yankee vs Red sox games were getting dull, this will get the Boston fans a bit riled up.
Wait, why do I care, I was raised a Mets fan. Bah on your new fuzzy centerfielder.

Deana said...

I spoke of it on my own site tonight....I am very sad. Michele sent me tonight.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I can't wait till they make him shave and they cut his lank hair.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

LOL, you're a meanie. I think the scruffy look is his best look. I'm hoping he'll go the Jake Plummer route and go from the scruffy look to the crazed mountain man look. And if you don't follow football, Plummer is Denver's QB, and gets very scruffy, and often looks like a hippie from Boulder who is unfamiliar with grooming. Football is sacred in Colorado, but even the sports reporters give Plummer crap for the look.