Saturday, May 20, 2006


From Yahoo News:

Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth for second place on the career list with his 714th home run Saturday, ending a nine-game drought with a shot into the first deck of elevated stands in right-center leading off the second inning against the Oakland Athletics.


The ball was caught on the fly by 19-year-old Tyler Snyder of nearby Pleasanton, who was cheered by fans around him and quickly left the Coliseum with his souvenir.

I hope he at least signs the ball for the kid, you know?



Dak-Ind said...

ya know, this would be a great story about a young man with a cool souvenier to treasure the rest of his life, but we are sadly taking bets on how long it will be before we see the ball on sale on ebay.
quite an acomplishment though, i cant hit 1 home run :)

michele sent me.

Michelle Pessoa said...

They interviewed the kid and asked him if he wanted Bonds to sign the ball and he said no! Then he said, well, maybe if that would increase the value on eBay. DUH!

Claude said...

What's odd is the way that everyone still uses Babe Ruth as the benchmark. 714 is the magic number despite Hank Aaron's 755 total runs. No way Bonds is going to reach that number.

And, of course, Barry Bonds is going to have to deal with an asterisk (whether literal or virtual) next to his total forever.

Babe Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer, y'all.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Imagine if Ruth had been in shape??

I'm starting to think it's possible for Bonds to surpass Aaron. It's only 40 more.