Friday, May 19, 2006

Never knew glove like this

Remember Danny Almonte, the Dominican kid who threw a perfect game in the Little League World Series in 2001, only to have that stat negated because they lied about his age? Well, he’s in the news again for another age-related matter. It turns out he’s married to a 30-year-old woman.

Almonte, who is 19 and still hasn’t graduated from high school yet(!), is expected to be drafted by an MLB team this year. Could the 30 year-old wife have hooked up with him in anticipation of getting paid?




yellojkt said...

Looks like he found himself a baseball cougar. Sort of like Celine Dion in reverse except in sports.

Thanks for coming by and you are very observant about the site reskin. I hope to have the whole DaVinci Code gimmick done by Monday before all the novelty wears off.

Prego said...

Come on... Do you have any doubt? Like Anna-Nicole Smith and that one-legged hooker that McCartney just dumped.

The only difference is that this kid hasn't gotten 'paid' yet. I curse his naivetè. There are thousands more bimbos awaiting... Why latch on to a 30 year old gold-digger when you could pick and choose all day from the cheap seats?

Shane said...

I always thought Paul McCartney had a leg up on his ex-wife.

I don't buy the gold digger story. This lady made it to 30 w/o the kid. They are both at their hormonal peak.

Michelle Pessoa said...

What's this about a leg? I'm not familiar with Paul's ex.

You're so right about the bimbos in waiting. Maybe he'll cut his wife loose while he's in the minors, but he'll probably have a kid or two by then.