Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Return of The Rocket

Roger Clemens held a press conference today to confirm that the rumors are true -- he’s coming out of retirement yet again. Though he was being wooed by both the Red Sox and the Yankees, he accepted a one year (well, less April and May) contract to pitch for the Astros. The pricetag? $22 million.


Great for the Rocket, stupid for the Astros. That’s a chunk of change for a guy who’s now in his mid 40’s who won’t even be traveling on the road for you. But, like I said, it’s a no-brainer for Roger. If people are going to throw money away, take it. The Yankees would certainly have given him the same cash -- and perhaps the Red Sox as well -- but he’d have been setting himself up for failure. He had a brilliant year in 2005, but that’s because he was pitching to those pansy lineups in the NL. Oh, I can only imagine the vicious boos he would’ve had to endure from either the Red Sox Nation or the Bleacher Creatures when (not if) he got lit up by the Yanks or the Red Sox, respectively. He played it safe. Smart guy. Plus, one of his sons, also a pitcher, is in the minors in the Houston system and he’ll be coming up soon so they can play together.

The next big question for Roger. When he really honest to God FINALLY retires and gets into Cooperstown on the first ballot, what uniform will he wear? Watch him act like a prick and go in with a Red Sox uniform, despite the fact that he was booed out of Boston in his final year there and he won his only World Series championships with the Yankees.


Luke Cage said...

You hit that right on the head miss Michelle. Roger is damn sure smart. I wondered myself which uniform he'll wear. I bet he goes in as a Red Sock. I don't know why, but it would make sense for him to go as either a Yankee for obvious reasons (wink) or an Astro as he has more personal ties to the franchise. And the lineups in the NL don't match up to the Powerball lineups in the American League. Can you say NY Yankees, ChiSox, Bosox & Cleveland?? Geez.. that's alot of cheddar, but I don't see Houston going the distance. Then again, they made things interesting last season didn't they?

Michelle Pessoa said...

You never know what uniform these guys end up wearing. I think sometimes they get paid under the table. Didn't Dave Winfield go in as a Padre? I can understand him not wanting to go in as a Yankee because of the bad blood when he left, but he didn't reach greatness as a Padre.

Houston isn't getting past the Cards again, but at least they respect their fans enough to try to go for it.

If Roger comes back early enough, I want to see him pitch in interleague play. If so, he might have to pitch against the White Sox or the suddenly good Tigers. They'll wear his ass out.