Sunday, October 08, 2006

Joe Must Go

Here’s an interesting take on the imminent firing of Joe Torre in the Journal News blog today:
...But the longer it goes without Joe getting canned, the greater the odds are of him returning. The question is whether the reactionary or restrained elements of Yankeeland get the old man's ear. Torre has a lot of enemies in Tampa, people who think he gets too much credit.

A lot of those people are getting paid for doing nothing and are worried about their freeloading ways coming to an end if Brian Cashman stays in power. Getting Torre out weakens Cashman.

At this exact moment, I think Joe is out and Piniella is in. There is too much smoke for there not to be a fire. Congratulations, Torre haters. But this could be one of those deals where you should be careful what you wish for.

A-Rod will stay because Piniella will convince the Yankees he knows how to get the best out of him. Now, instead of just being the guy who can't get it done in a big spot, A-Rod will become the guy who can't get it done in a big spot and helped drive kindly Joe Torre out of town. Let's see him survive that if the Yankees don't win the Series next season.
He’s got a point there.

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Luke Cage said...

Michelle, this guy is clueless luv. What's with the Torre Haters line??? Its always been big business when a team does not achieve what it set out to achieve, regardless, the manager takes the fall. I don't think its anything personal, but the team needs a shakeup or a makeover. I happen to like Torre and I don't think he should be fired, but the Boss has had enough.

Cashman has made some bad deals the past several seasons, but he needs to just deal for players without the influence of the Boss. And as long as the Boss is there, that's not going to happen. Cashman only went after A-Rod to block the Sox from getting him. That's it. He would've feasted on the green monster in Fenway and the Yanks couldn't allow that to happen.

While A-Rod was a bad fit for the Yanks (I didn't think they should've gotten him or Johnson, that was all the Boss' doing), he was FAR from the problem. A-Rod's only been on the team for 3 years, and they haven't won since '00. Do the math. How is he solely responsible?

The Boss says jump, and Cash basically says okay I'll get this guy for you, so Cashman is NOT the problem either. Torre is not the problem. The problem is Steinbrenner. This win at any means and at all costs has jacked this team up!

Remember, that Yankee team that made that great run and carved a path through every team in the major leagues in the late 90's was assembled by (I forget his name, but it wasn't 'Brenner or Cashman) . The Boss I believe was sitting it out on some suspension that year and those boys went out there and played with great chemistry.

Knoblauch, Brosious, Paul O'Neill, Wetteland, Rivera and others pumped that team up. These weren't high priced guys with big dollars attached to them. They just seemed that way because they played hard each and every time they hit that field. They were proud to be Yankees. the problem among other things was pitching. Its been pitching ever since 2000.

Had they "really" gone after Schilling that summer and convinced him to come to the Yankees, they probably win the World Series 'that' year. But Schill wanted to be a Yankee killer. The Yanks because of Brenner became pariah's in the majors and alot of players developed resentment towards the free wheeling and high spending of the team and thus, many players refused to really want to play with the Yanks. They wanted to beat them and brought their best game forward everytime they played against them.

Get rid of the friggin' boss, then you can start to build a solid team. Look how the team across the bay are doing it. That's why they are still alive in the playoffs and I will be rooting for them the rest of the way. Torre should say "f" 'Brenner and be out and don't look back. How much hitting can 1 team have? Good pitching beats good hitting any damn day. just my lil rant luv.. :)What do you think?