Friday, October 06, 2006

Must Win

I’m so pissed. Three of the four Division series went up 2-0. Whose series is 1-1? The Yankees. And the Twins got swept today and the Cards look like they’re gonna advance to the next round! WTF!

Now, despite what I said, I’m not surprised that the Yankees series is 1-1. ESPN, YES, FOX, etc. all kept saying, “Oh, this Yankee lineup, blah, blah, blah, Murderer’s Row, blah, blah, blah, how can anyone pitch to them.” But last Wednesday the Yanks almost got no-hit by a scrub. Was I the only one who saw that game? In addition, how can anyone act like this team can’t lose? This team has worse pitching than the team that lost to the Angels last year. This team is worse than the teams that lost to the Red Sox in ’04 and the Marlins in ’03. And this is not the '98 team that won 125 games. Now that was the best Yankee team ever.

We’re gonna lose tonight, y’all. Randy Johnson is pitching with a messed up back. He may take himself out of the game like Wells did in ’03 vs. the Marlins, and we know how that series turned out. I can only hope that Kenny Rogers is the same fucked up Kenny Rogers from ’96 when he was on the Yanks and got lit up in every postseason game.

We should still win this series, but I hate the drama! I didn’t think we’d sweep, but that would’ve been nice.

UPDATE: 8:15. A-Rod is batting 4th, Giambi is playing 1st, and Bernie is the DH. Interesting.

8:57. The score is 3-0, Tigers, top of the 3rd. No surprise to me.

9:57. Still 3-0. Top of the 6th. Yanks are making Kenny look like a genius.

10:18. Bottom of the 6th, 2 outs. 5-0 Tigers and Randy is out of the game. Disgusting.

10:34. No outs, bottom of the 7th. 6-0 Tigers on Granderson's homer. I can't wait for this shit fest to be over.

11:14. Yep, we lost. A 5-hit shutout. 0-18 with runners in scoring position. We face elimination tomorrow with Wright on the mound. Just great.

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