Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Second Season

It’s 4:45 p.m. and the regular season has ended for both the Yankees and Mets. Despite the fact that the buzz has been more about the Mets this summer since everybody’s used to the Yankees winning, the two teams are more alike than dissimilar. They’ve ended the year with the exact same record: 97 wins, 65 losses. Each team has a possible MVP candidate (Jeter and Beltran). Each team’s projected post season pitching rotation is in shambles – Pedro’s out (until mid-year ’07!) and Randy Johnson’s back is injured, so if he pitches that’s pretty much a guaranteed loss for us anyway. And neither team knows who they’re going to play! The Tigers are still playing and if they lose, they open against the Yanks on Tuesday. The Dodgers' and Padres' games have just started so it’ll be at least two hours before the Mets know who’s playing them.

I think that both the Mets and Yanks will make it to the World Series, but honestly, they could be bounced in the first round just as easily. On Wednesday night the Yankees put up 16 runs against the Orioles, the next night they almost got no hit! Same with the Mets – lost 13-1 to the Braves Wednesday, won 13-0 Saturday vs. the Nats. The Mets starters can kill them, the Yanks pen can kill them.

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Luke Cage said...

Should be a great finish that's all I know. I hated the Wild Card idea when it first came out, but if there's ever been one change in ANY sport that has added some form of drama, it has got to be the Wild Card. These teams played down to the final day of the season to see the postseason alignment. That's INCREDIBLE. Although, the Yankees have been cursed by the teams that were Wild Card Winners... Marlins, Red Sox, Angels, all defeated the Yankees in the playoffs or World Series.