Thursday, November 16, 2006

Final Destination?

Last month, Bob Cartwright learned that his friend and personal pilot died in the plane crash that killed a New York Yankees pitcher.

"I was supposed to be on that plane," Cartwright told friends at the time. The pilot, Tyler Stanger, had invited Cartwright and Rod Watkins, a mutual friend, to a playoff game between the Yankees and the Detroit Tigers, but neither could make the trip.

Thirty-four days later, Cartwright got caught in a strange and sad twist of fate.

Cartwright died Tuesday at the age of 68 with two other men in a plane that crashed into the shoreline of Big Bear Lake, which is near his mountain home in nearby Sugarloaf.

Whoa. It's just like that movie.



Luke Cage said...

Holy shit! What a friggin' story. Dodged death once and it claims him later..! Whoa..

Michelle Pessoa said...

I think there's a similar story about a guy who escaped death in the Twin Towers only to die about a month after that in that plane on the way to the Dominican Republic that crashed in Queens. I think he wasn't even on the plane. Debris hit his house, or something.