Monday, November 13, 2006

Shea It Ain't So

From the Daily News:
For an estimated $20 million a year, banking giant Citigroup got a 20-year deal that will put its name on Citi Field, the 45,000-capacity ballpark now being built just east of the 42-year-old Shea Stadium.

But the main entrance, modeled on the one in Brooklyn's old Ebbets Field, will be called the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, it was announced at yesterday's gathering.
Okay, first of all, "Citi Field"? How long before they call it "Shitty Field"? I hate these corporate names for ball parks. How am I supposed to remember who plays where when the name of the team isn't even in the name of the park?

Second, that's a nice gesture for the memory of Jackie Robinson and all, but excuse me, he played for the Dodgers, right? Shouldn't they honor him? The Mets don't have a Met that they could honor?



Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Ummm... *ponders* Gary Carter?

Have you ever watched South Park? Your comment made me think of the CityWok (pronounced shittywok by the chinese owner) and the CityWall he had to build. Funny funny episode. Bad bad ball park name. To bad they won't leave it Shea

Luke Cage said...

Strawberry Park? Kranepool Field? Dykstra Stadium? Valentine Venue? HoJo... fugget it, I ran out of names.. I hate the Citi Field moniker too. It doesn't sound as good as Shea. But Mets Stadium would have been fine. I miss the names of teams on their own stadiums. I hope the Yankees don't go this route when it's time for them to get a new home...

Michelle Pessoa said...

Strawberry Fields is taken, so I guess that's out. :) Supposedly the Yankees will keep the Yankee Stadium name when they move, thank God.

The only corporate name for a ball park that ever sounded good to me was offered up by John Sterling. He said that when the Giants moved from Candlestick, they should've hooked up a marketing deal with Ralph Lauren and called the new park the Ralph Lauren Polo Grounds. Sweet.