Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Hate Verizon. And Linksys.

I've been having a lot of problems with my Verizon DSL service since Spring. It got to the point about two months ago where I was forced to reboot the modem/wireless gateway every time I logged on just to ensure a connection that would last 10 minutes without dropping. Not since the days of dial-up have I had service so piss-poor. I'm not talking about just turning off the modem by shutting off the power or hitting the reset button, mind you. That doesn't do squat. I had to connect to the modem through its web interface and disconnect it then reconnect. Unbelievable.

Finally, I'd had enough. I called Verizon and purchased a new plain Jane DSL modem for $35. Then I went to J&R and bought a Linksys Wireless-G broadband router with "SRX speed and range eXpansion" for $80.

You know what?

My connectivity is worse than it was before!


Half the time I can't even see my own router in the list of available networks! As I'm typing this I'm connected to the Internet through somebody else's router! Whoever owns the router named "Sonia," thanks, man. At least your shit works. If it wasn't for you I'd have no wireless Internet whatsoever.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I say you find 'Sonia" and ask her what service she uses.

We had the same problem with our modem, though we have comcast. Our connection would work, at best, for 5 minutes then die. You'd have to completely disconnect then reconnect. Comcast finally came out and spent a day trying to fix some odd ball problem. To their credit, they got it fixed and it's worked fine (knock on wood) since. Good luck with all of that.

Luke Cage said...

Damn luv.. my heart goes out to you. It seems like anything associated with Verizon, is the kiss of death. Except for their wireless phone service. That is the hotness. Very few drop calls and I am totally satisfied with their service! I thought one time of getting their DSL service, but I"m glad that I held off. Hopefully, them fools will also reimburse you for dropped time too. They can do that at least as I've had them do that for me...

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I had DLS, but a storm knocked out the "node" in my area according to my provider. What the Frack kind of excuse is that. then they said they were not fixing it and I was SOL. Again WTF!!

So now I have comcast and it works well. Anytime I have had a problem, the Comcast folks fix it.

Ahh the joys of computers!

Michelle Pessoa said...

I'm disgusted with my service. I just want it to work!! At this point I'm willing to pay more just for more reliable service. This stinks.

Anonymous said...

As a Verizon employee what I am about to say can be corroborated nationally by all wireless sales employees of the Company. Hopefully strong reforms and/ or lawsuits will stem from these revelations. Please understand that when I mention Verizon I am referring to the corporate leaders, marketing departments, and managers who make and enforce greedy agendas through the many hard working employees who strive to survive and support themselves while seeking a way out of the Company. Here is the way things work: 1)The sales employees are given strict quotas which state that we are to sell at least 3 accessories and 3 data plans per every phone we sell on an upgrade or on new service. This of course is very hard to do because the price of our accessories is not seen as a real value by most customers and too many customers could care less about paying extra for text messaging or V-Cast which runs $15.00 monthly for video clips which for the most part download at dial up speed and experience constant interruption. Most people see no need for 99 cents monthly to have the ability to pay for ringback tones which is the music their callers hear before the cell phone is answered or the call goes to voicemail. When a customer comes to me to buy and refuses accessories and data I feel very upset that yet another customer is helping to make my life as a salesperson more difficult because my quota numbers are now in deeper jeopardy because they refused to spend a required average of $75.00 dollars on accessories and refuse to commit to an additional $5 to $25 average on monthly data charges. The customer is seen not as an intelligent or financially unable human being in this scenario but a cheap scavenger looking to get the basics. The customer who buys a high end phone capable of music, video, Vcast and messaging but refuses to pay for the additional services is seen as a stupid and unreasonable consumer. If only customers could hear through the walls the horrors that are said of them when the salesperson goes to the inventory room to pull a phone which is going out with "no accessories or data". The customer is slandered and maligned and the salesperson will remember that customer and try to avoid them like the plague the next time they step into the store. This type of customer is an enemy and we wish they would leave to another carrier as we do not appreciate cheap spenders. We really hate this type of customer because we feel they wasted our time and did not care to take our professional advice to spend more. The Company tells everyone that as part of our creed we are to think outwardly towards the customer's wants and needs and not inwardly towards our sales and goal agendas but then gives us verbal and written warnings of termination of employment for not pushing and forcing our sales goals on customers. Talk about a forked tongue! As if that weren't enough this is how their own employees are treated financially: 2)If a customer signs up for service be it new or an upgrade, the company forwards us an advance commission of say anywhere between $5.00 to $33.00 dollars depending on the price plan. The company allows up to 365 days for the customer to cancel thus resulting in a "chargeback" which means they take away our initial commission after the Company has made hundreds or thousands of dollars on that customer. We have had customers cancel at the 365th day only to see our hard earned commission now taken away from us even after the fact that the Company has greatly profited from the transaction. 3) they micro manage everything to a tee and managers and employees are under so much pressure that the manager/ employee relation is one of lack of trust and appreciation. Verizon acts as if we are blind and no one is talking and taking notice of these things. Verizon is more arrogant and paranoid than ever. They do not really care about the customers or employees. The name of the game is to beat the competition and rack up the money so that it may be unevenly distributed for the full enjoyment of only those at the top of the ladder. Screw the customer and screw the employee. It's a revolving door and a sucker walks through it every day, pays dearly, then leaves for another sucker to walk through it.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous...
There are currently 4 class action suits against Verizon/Idearc by employees regarding their illegal "chargeback' policy to employees. Verizon/Idearc cannot force business losses onto employees. I advise you to jump on the train to insure you get paid for your work. The cases can be found by googling "verizon Class action"..As a current employee, I am owed over 100,000.00 in stolen commission.

Good Luck!
Another VZ/Idearc employee