Saturday, November 18, 2006

PS3 Insanity

Sony’s PlayStation 3 went on sale at midnight on Friday. All over the country there were reports of people sleeping on sidewalks to be one of the first in line and people robbing the people who slept on the sidewalks (LOL!). And, of course, there’s the usual flurry of eBay activity whenever something is hot and the supplies are low.

I’ve seen a number of consoles offered up for $10k or so, only to go unsold, but here’s an auction that was actually completed. Somebody paid $15,000 for three consoles -- two 60GB and one 20 GB .

Maybe I’m the stupid one? Maybe next time one of these “must have” items comes out I should sleep on the concrete so I can get paid. When you think about it, that’s easy money.

But who are these people who are willing to pay ten times what the consoles are worth? Why do they do this when, if they just had a little patience, they could get the console five weeks from now for list price?

Beats me.


Luke Cage said...

Naaaah, it's just you honey.. -smile- seriously though, it's overkill because it's still just a game. That's all I see. But you can't tell these gamers that. They go to great lengths to cop the latest whatever. What's the actual retail price of this thing? $6-$700??? And they are selling one for over $2k on Ebay. I guess it's not only you luv, it's me too... geez...

Michelle Pessoa said...

If you think $2K is bad, check out this story about people willing to give up their babies for a PS3. Sick.