Saturday, November 25, 2006

Richards tells Jackson racial slurs stemmed from humiliation

Comedian Michael Richards, known best as Kramer on TV's Seinfeld, told Rev. Jesse Jackson's radio program that he recently yelled racial slurs at two black men out of anger, not prejudice.

Richards appeared on Jackson's nationally syndicated program, Keep Hope Alive, after the black leader invited him to appear.

The 57-year-old comic drew public fire after he hurled racial epithets at two hecklers who were ordering drinks during his act a week ago at a club in West Hollywood. His outburst was caught on a camera video and has since been posted on the internet.

The comic says he was trying to deal with hecklers at the time and was "in a place of humiliation" when he started using the racial epithets, which he claims he had never used before.

Richards' publicist Howard Rubenstein said the comedian would begin psychiatric counselling to learn how to deal with his anger and to comprehend how he ended up making those racist remarks.
Yo, didn't I say he'd end up in some kind of rehab? He's so full of shit.


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