Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Answers (2)

More answers to Tuesday's questions!

Florida Voter asked:

Who's your favorite character on the new BSG? And why?

Commander Adama. He commands respect, yet he’s wise enough to know his limitations. He can take advice, but he’s still in control.

You know how in sports you have some players that make everybody on their team better when they’re on the court or on the field? Even the scrubs? He’s that kind of guy. He makes even a pathetic boozer like Tigh into a capable XO. Look how everything fell apart when Adama got shot.

Adama knows how to mentor and motivate in a positive manner. I could work with him. I couldn’t work with Captain Picard (too cold -- I sure hope he’s not reading my blog today...) or Captain Kirk (not a shred of military discipline in that guy).

Unfortunately, Adama hasn’t been the same since he came out of the coma. I guess that’s to be expected.

What was the worst part of Army Boot camp for you? (I was at USMC boot camp in 1986, so I know that lots of it probably sucked, but what was the worst).

I was in basic training ten years after that. I was already old. I was in there with kids that could’ve been my kids.

For me the worst part of the experience was the realization that I was in an environment in which my strengths -- you know, white collar skillz -- had absolutely no meaning.

I also REALLY hated rappelling off that wall, since I have vertigo. I effed up and they made me do it twice. I found that very upsetting.

Sage asked:

Are there calluses on your hands from all the fencing you did in high school?

No, if you grip your foil that tight, you’re doing something wrong. Fencing requires a light touch. You should grasp your foil like you’re holding a bird -- you want to keep it from escaping, but you don’t want to crush it. You need to be calm, but focused. Like Obi-Wan. (smile)

Oh, before someone asks, The Three Musketeers isn’t my favorite fencing movie. Scaramouche is. It has the same plot as many martial arts movies -- a guy needs to learn to fight an acknowledged master to avenge the death of a friend -- but it’s set in the era of the French Revolution.

And since fencing is an obvious interest, did you buy some barbwire when you visited the DMZ in Korea (and I don't remember seeing any for sell when I visited DMZ--but I visited it above Kansong, not at Panmunjom.)

I didn’t buy the barbed wire plaque because I thought it was so tacky and close to being a trailer park kinda thing. But in retrospect, I think I should’ve bought something.

I will answer Kathleen’s questions tomorrow!


Positively Cheryl said...

Hi Michelle,
Who are your current favorite Black actors and why?

(My answers have been revealed!)

sage said...

thanks for answering my questions--they were mostly in jest--I was playing with the barbwire you saw and the duel meaning of fencing... I hope you have a terrific weekend