Sunday, November 13, 2005

Michelle’s Wants and Needs

I found this on Mrs. Aginoth’s blog today.

Go to Google and type in “[Your Name] wants” and “[Your Name] needs” and see what it comes up with.

Evidently Michelle wants:

  1. To earn money to buy a tee shirt.

  2. To prove to everyone that though she’s nine she can baby-sit too (Excuse me?).

  3. To set up Cadence with Finch (Please. I’ve never tried to match-make).

  4. To become a registered nurse and work with children.

  5. To know your favorite fantasy. (uh, oh)

And supposedly Michelle needs:

  1. Her own reality show.

  2. To visit one of those awful indoctrination camps known as art museums.

  3. A good man to care for her (Awww!).

  4. A home that can accept her limitations.

  5. To beef up her breakfast of oatmeal made with water.


Chancellor Palpatine said...

I tried that, but all it said was that I wanted power, that I 'needed' power, etc.

Like that's any big revelation... ;^)

JamaicanQueen said...

well here is what I got...
to start a business
to become a queen
to welcome new freshman and help them realize that this is their
home away from home.
to be your bff


Why do I have to need crack!!! LMAO!!

Positively Cheryl said...

I don't know why, but I couldn't find this quiz on that blog you linked here. I was at work so I may have rushed and missed it.

I keep looking at that Alicia hair and stylez. In fact i've been looking at it for months. There is just something about the look I don't like, but I may break down and spend the 15 bucks and get all the packs so I can make it look the way I want it to look on my figures. I purchased these dreadlocks this weekend for V3 from Renderosity but I can't figure out how to make them fit. They look really natural and I think you'll like 'em. Perhaps if you can figure them out, we can make a trade? I should contact the merchant for help, and I will eventually. Let me know if yo're interested.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Palps, I think all of that galaxy dominating stuff is a desparate cry for what you really need -- a hug. ;)

JQ: Crack refill?? LOL!

Cheryl, the original link to this meme is pretty far down the page now. It's here.

The Poser "Alicia" hair looks better on men than women, I think. I'll post an image with some guys using that hair. I'm interested in trading for the dreads.

Positively Cheryl said...

Cool Michelle,

I'll upload the dreads to my server by this weekend if not sooner. Can you do the same? I'll purchase the other alicia hair packs also and give you those too or anything else you want for that matter. Just ask and see what i've got which is virtually everything! (I'm an addict. All my money goes to Daz, Renderosity, PW, 3DCommune, and RDNA. Here lately it goes to Poser Pros and the Pro Club. *sigh*) Oh and you commented that you don't knw how to make your own hair in Poser. Well, neither do I. I do what you do, but I also do the postwork in Photoshop CS.


Michelle Pessoa said...

I believe I have all of the Alicia hair packs, so there's no need for you to get them.

I'll put them on my server and send a link.