Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Episode III DVD!

I got to get my Sith on!

I picked up the DVD at lunchtime today, but I’m not watching it tonight ‘cause I need to update my other blog. You know, the one that's worth $0 because I only update it every 9 days.



Luke Cage said...

Hey Miss Michelle. I really want to get this dvd, but the skeptic in me knows that Lucas is going to throw us a curve and release some Jedi Sith Stormtrooper wookie ultra platinum silver aluminum lightsabre edition! -lmao!!!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Hi, Luke!

You can be sure there'll be an "uber" gift set for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007!

Luke Cage said...

Ohhh hell yeahhh.. without a doubt luv!