Friday, November 04, 2005

Twenty Answers

Hello! Wow, a lot of people participated in this game! I have to try this again another time.

[Sorry for the delay, but my staff meeting ran overtime.]

These are the answers:

  1. I am a member of Mensa.
    I have been a member of Mensa for over ten years, though I have never attended a single meeting of my local chapter.

  2. I am divorced.
    I have never been married. Jamaican Queen and Luke Cage astutely guessed this, but others seemed to have been led astray.

  3. I am related to a former Governor-General of Barbados.
    Through my mother, I am distantly related to the late Dame Ruth Nita Barrow, the first and only female Governor-General of Barbados.

  4. I have been to the DMZ.
    : As part of a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Korean War, my Army unit visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone (or DMZ). They sell barbed wire souvenirs in the gift shop there.

  5. I knew Biggie Smalls before he was famous.
    I did not personally know Christopher Wallace, the late Notorious B.I.G., however he did grow up in my neighborhood. I have a vivid memory in high school of a chubby, sullen boy getting into an altercation with a crackhead on a crowded C train over nothing. I thought to myself, “What a jerk that kid is.” :)

  6. I am Catholic.
    Born and raised. I disagree with a great deal of Church doctrine, however. I was greatly disappointed that Pope John Paul II’s successor was not from Latin America.

  7. I have had dinner with Barbara Bush.
    My company contributed heavily to an Americares fundraiser dinner about five years ago and they were looking for bodies to fill up the table. I volunteered and sure enough, I ended up sitting at a table adjacent to George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush. I’ll post the picture where I’m cheesing standing next to her. I think she was scared, but she made a good show of it. LOL!

  8. I was on the fencing team in high school.
    : I was on the fencing team for four years. I still have my gear.

  9. I lost a tooth playing football.
    I was only six, though, and the tooth was loose.

  10. I wore an eye patch as a child to correct a vision problem.
    Yes, like Captain Typho, I rocked an eye patch back in the day. Do they still do that to kids now? They made me wear it to strengthen the vision in my weaker eye.

  11. I once performed in Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus.
    It wasn’t much of a performance, though. My mom took me to the circus and a guy came and picked me and some other kids out of the crowd. They put us in a chariot and we got to clown around and wave at the crowd from the center ring. There were elephants and acrobats all around us. Very exciting!

  12. I went to school with former basketball player Mark Jackson.
    Completely false! ;)

  13. I have a stepsister.
    I met her for the first time at my paternal grandmother’s funeral. I was like, WTF? I wasn’t even aware that my father had remarried! (rolling my eyes)

  14. I escaped from Manhattan by boat on 9/11.
    My office is about three blocks away from Ground Zero. At about noon when the dust cloud had lifted enough so that there was some visibility, two co-workers and I started walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge. As we got towards the water we saw a ferries, tug boats, sanitation boats, personal craft, you name it, lining up to take people to safety! Those people didn’t have to help us. I still get choked up when I think about that.

    The evacuation of Dunkirk in WWII must’ve been a lot like that.

  15. I have shot a member of my family.
    I shot a cousin in the eye at pointblank range with a pistol that used little army men for ammo. I thought he was holding my doll hostage and I was not in the mood to eff around with him, so I popped a cap. Turned out he didn’t have the doll, his brother had it! Oops! Shot the wrong guy! He turned it over quick since he saw I meant business. See, I should’ve been a cop.

  16. I started a race riot at a day camp.
    I was involved in an “incident” between the black girls and the white girls at a Catholic Youth Organization day camp, but the nuns put both sides on lockdown before we had to represent.

  17. I am a Democrat.
    I’m not a Republican either. I’m an Independent.

  18. My family is from Panama.
    My parents were both born and raised in Panama. Their parents came to Panama from Barbados, Jamaica and Colombia to build the Panama Canal.

  19. I was deployed to Cuba as part of operation Enduring Freedom.
    My Army Reserve unit was sent to Guantanamo Bay about 8 months after 9/11. I could tell ya more, but… you know the rest of that sentence. ;)

  20. I graduated from MIT.
    I don’t go to any reunions or anything, though.


Master Yoda said...

I was way off.

Shannon said...

Hey - Foul on #15! Trick statement! ;-)

Very cool. I'm gonna do this on my personal blog soon.

General Grievous said...

yeah 15 isn't fair!!!

zazzafooky said...

I kind of figured 16 was false! :-)

Positively Cheryl said...

Well, dang, i'll eat my shorts! Barbara probably was scared, but you actually had lunch with her. I'll be doggone! I'm in "shock and awe."

utenzi said...

*whew* It's good to finally know the truth of the matter, Michelle. Thanks!

Inside Man said...

Koodos for graduating from MIT, that is a prestigious accomplishment. Hopefully you didn't tell the Army you shot your cousin in the eye when you were getting you security

Michelle Pessoa said...

To those who are upset with number 15... Did you notice that most people assumed it was true? ;)

Pearl said...

What a varied life.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I've tried to experience a lot. ;)