Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poser Afros

For Cheryl:

This is what the Alicia hair looks like on a male Poser figure:

The background is Serengeti from DAZ. I did the render of the man over a year ago, so I can't remember where I got the robe! :(

I think I got it from PoserWorld.


Positively Cheryl said...

Hi Michelle,
Nice image! Thanks for the preview of the hair. I've seen it rendered many times, but i'm still thinking about it. I've done several images using The Serengeti Cyclorama. As soon as my gallery is finished i'll share my art with you also. I had a generic one a few months ago, but I wanted a better gallery. Stay tuned!

Michelle Pessoa said...

I recently used a freeware program with the imaginative name of Gallery to set up a new site with images from different people's blogs. I think the site looks pretty decent and the software was easy to use once it got installed on the server.

Positively Cheryl said...

Hi Michelle!
That Yoda/Star Wars site is cute!! I like 'Gallery' (alot), but I finally settled on a plugin from my same blog folks, Movable Type. My friend Carla is workig on it for me, because when it comes to php scripting I just glaze over. CSS is my thing, but this new fangled developer stuff is a bit much for now. But thanks for the tip!

Michelle Pessoa said...

I don't know PHP either. The script to install Gallery on the server pretty much ran itself. I didn't have to read any documentation or call tech support. Thank GOD! ;)