Thursday, June 23, 2005

Attack of The Clones: Infinities (2)

Picking up where I'd left off the other day with the Infinities alternate prequel stories...

Most of the premises I put forth are hard to generate storylines from, but the following one gets Owen in the mix and relates well to the Episode IV.

What if Anakin had resigned from the Jedi Order after Shmi’s death and had stayed on Tatooine with the Lars family?
  • Anakin tries arrives too late to rescue Shmi from the sandpeople.
  • Anakin massacres the sandpeople.
  • Anakin later relays Obi-Wan’s message to the Jedi Council.
  • Mace tells Anakin to stay on Tatooine.
  • Padme urges Anakin to go rescue Obi-Wan.
  • Guilt over the massacre of the sandpeople makes Anakin obey Mace’s order.
  • Padme goes to Geonosis to bargain with Dooku and save Obi-Wan.
  • Back on Tatooine, Anakin is comforted by being with the Lars family.
  • Anakin decides to quit the Jedi Order and tries helping with the moisture farm.
  • After Geonosis, Obi-Wan visits Anakin and lets him know that he can rejoin the Jedi any time he wants to.
  • Anakin becomes unsure of his decision to quit when he hears from Obi-Wan how many Jedi died on Geonosis.
  • The Clone Wars start. Eventually Naboo is threatened.
  • Hearing of this, Anakin resolves to rejoin the Jedi and contacts Obi-Wan.
  • Owen tries to talk Anakin out of it, but fails, leaving the former with a lasting bad impression of Obi-Wan.
  • Anakin’s Force skills are rusty and he finds he has to dip into the Dark Side to come close to the proficiency he’d once had – with predictable results.

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