Sunday, July 31, 2005

BSG: Fragged (1)

I drink, therefore I am.

Crashdown’s team on Kobol holds a funeral for the two men who died. Later they spy some Cylons building a missile battery.

On Galactica, Doctor Dutch’s ship finally docks and he rushes to sickbay with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He does remember to put it out before entering the ICU. He’s briefed by the other medics and he surmises that Adama is still hemorrhaging somewhere. He kicks Tigh out and starts operating and barking orders at his assistants.

Tigh listens to the negative chatter from the doctors and gets scared. He slips away to a side corridor to have a healthy gulp from a flask he keeps in his boot. Billy catches him and asks for some meds for Laura. Tigh blows him off. He then wanders up to the bridge and yells at Lee for being there instead of in the brig.

Lee informs him that he’s organizing a rescue mission and Tigh asks for who? He goes into a mini rant about, "There’s a ship missing and no one told me?"

There’s a long silence then they remind him that there are people on Kobol who are waiting to be rescued. Tigh looks like an ass.

Gaeda tells Tigh that the reporters that were detained when Tigh and Adama arrested the president want to know when they’ll be released. Dualla tells Tigh that the Quorum of Twelve is on a ship waiting to dock and they are demanding that they meet with him concerning the state of the president.

“It’s a demanding job commanding a Battlestar,” Lee smirks.

On Kobol, Crashdown’s team deduces that the anti-aircraft battery is being built in anticipation of the Galactica coming to rescue the raptor’s crew.


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