Saturday, July 16, 2005

BSG: Season 2 Premiere (Quickie)

Just a quick overview, since I've been sleeping all day and I need to post creatively in two other blogs by midnight.
  • Tigh is in over his head and his subordinates miss Adama's leadership already. Check.

  • Flashbacks to the beginnings of the friendship between Tigh and Adama. Check.

  • Ellen Tigh is still being manipulative. Check.

  • Laura seems more sane, now that she's in the joint. Check.

  • Starbuck and Helo have been ditched by Caprica-Boomer, so they're in deep shit. Check.

  • The survivors of the downed raptor on Kobol are being lead by the incompetent Crash Down, so they're in deep shit too. Check.
Off to a good start, I'd say.


The Box said...

I was waiting so long for this one. I posted something on it, and I'm waiting to see how many points they hit on your Season 2 wish list. Also read your ROTS review and left a comment. But yeah, I'm just dying to discuss this with somebody.

Aurelius said...

Sorry Michelle, I must cease visiting here until I am able to download and watch the new BSG. Or reading about how you can see it and we in AU cannot will drive me mad with envy.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Aww, don't leave, Aurelius! I talk about other stuff than just Galactica. Just skip any post that has "BSG" in the title.

Aurelius said...

Michelle, I have found another solution - downloading episodes from the net and watching them almost as quickly as you see them :)

Michelle Pessoa said...

I knew you'd find a way! ;)