Sunday, January 08, 2006

BSG: Resurrection Ship

Season 2.1 starts off where season 2.0 left off. Helo and Tyrol have been scheduled for execution and Adama isn’t having that. He sends his fighters out to engage the Pegasus and Admiral Cain sends hers. There is a tense, confusing standoff as the fighters from both ships fly around avoiding each other because no one wants to be the first to pull the trigger.

The standoff ends when Kara, who has taken the Blackbird stealth ship into the heart of the Cylon fleet, misleads the Pegasus into thinking (briefly) that the Cylons have landed in their midst. She then uses the opportunity to beam back photos of her recon mission to Cain, who is impressed enough by the intel (and Kara’s balls) that she agrees to a temporary truce.

The rest of the episode has Cain and Adama in a mediated meeting with the president in which they agree (on the surface) to cooperate in order to coordinate an attack on the Cylon fleet. Baltar gets the abused Number Six clone on the Pegasus, Gina, to interpret Kara’s shots. She ID’s the mystery ship everyone is interested in as the “Resurrection Ship,” which is a facility stockpiled with clones waiting to have the consciousnesses of “dead” Cylons downloaded into them. The Colonials theorize that destroying this ship could make the Cylons back off. They would lose their safety net and be truly “dead.”

Things I Liked:

  • Baltar was the conduit for useful information and he didn’t act crazy. That’s a major achievement for him.

  • Laura and Adama have bonded again, which is nice.

  • Laura is getting tough again -- it’s she who tells Adama straight up that he needs to kill Cain.

  • More of the backstory of the Pegasus is revealed.

  • Kara got promoted to CAG -- and Lee now works for her.

  • No Billy, no Dualla!

  • The parallel plans for assassination cooked up by both Cain and Adama at the end of the show were great.

Things I Didn’t Like:
  • No real problems with this episode, except that they’re making Cain too much of a one-dimensional villain. She has absolutely no redeeming qualities. The backstory info in this episode reveals that she cannibalized the civilian ships that looked to the Pegasus for protection and had civilians shot who resisted being separated from their families.

  • Baltar has to somehow thwart the destruction of the Resurrection ship.

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