Friday, January 06, 2006

Whatever happened to...?

On my way home I was listening to my iPod. I don’t know who’s popular anymore -- I stopped listening to the radio around 1991 and I don’t watch BET or MTV. The playlists on my iPod are strictly old school. I couldn’t help but wonder about the fate of some of these artists.

Whatever happened to:

Ashford & Simpson

Jeffrey Osborne

Patti Austin

Peabo Bryson

Rene & Angela



Claude said...

Hm. Well, I know that in the mid-1990s Ashford & Simpson were on WRKS ("Kiss-FM") in New York City. This is the same station that Isaac Hayes was on. I've since moved away but I don't think any of them are on that station anymore, although Isaac Hayes has a syndicated program running on that station on Sunday nights.

Jeffrey Osborne had a single in the top 100 last year called "Yes I'm Ready." I haven't heard it so I don't know if it's a cover of the old Barbara Mason tune.

According to Patti Austin's website, she's still touring; apparently she's appearing with symphony orchestras.

The others seem to have dropped off the radar.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Hi, Claude!

Wow, Ashford & Simpson were DJs in my own city I didn't know. That's how I know I'm old. ;

Thanks for the info!