Monday, January 02, 2006


Today my mom and I started buying the first of many items for the nursery.

Back in October we started began out items at Babies R Us, but I wanted to wait a bit before the buying started. Using two books -- Baby Bargains and Consumer Reports Best Baby Products -- I put together a registry online at -- registry number #90725519, if you’re interested. ;)

I visited the local Babies R Us store at the Gateway mall in Brooklyn around Christmas and had a really negative experience with the associate at the registry desk. Despite the fact that I got her manager on her and my dealings with the other associates were fine after that, my opinion of the store in general soured. The selection of items was broad, but I didn’t see the crib style I wanted. I didn’t see the glider (that’s a type of rocking chair used for nursing) I wanted.

In other words, I wasn’t feeling it.

Last Friday on my day off I decided to broaden my search. We visited five specialty stores -- one in Brooklyn and four in Manhattan. We saw a bewildering array of cribs ranging in price from $199 to over $1000.

There were too many options! Each crib looked better than the last!

I liked the Pali cribs, the Sorelle cribs, the Berg cribs, etc. And Buy Buy Baby had almost 30 Dutailier gliders on display so I sat in one after another until I zeroed in on the features I wanted.

I finally decided to get a Ragazzi Cooperton crib, the baby changing station, a mattress and a glider with matching Ottoman at a place called Schneider’s.

Those five items totaled about $2,500.


And I have 91 more items on my registry!

On the plus side, I knocked off four of the most expensive items today with the purchase of the crib, changing station, glider and Ottoman.

The next most expensive items will be the electronic breast pump (though somehow I know the baby won’t “latch on” and will end up on formula), the travel system (combo infant carrier and stroller), the bedding and the playard (combination bassinet/play pen)

After that there are a bunch of things that cost under a hundred dollars that will quickly add up -- baby clothes, a gate, a nursery monitor, a sling carrier, bottles, bath tub, and, of course, educational toys.

And so it begins.


Shannon said...

CONGRATULATIONS MICHELLE!!! (Sorry I'm a bit late getting the news.) Well, this will open up a whole new book of topics to blog about. ;-) My sister is due in August, she also lives in the city.

About the baby stuff - here's my recommendation of what is worth spending a lot of money on:
1. rocking chair - definitely get a good one.
2. breast pump - if you really want to nurse, you can. I stuck it out through months of serious problems and I am glad I did. But you will need a good pump.
3. Boppy pillow - again, if you're committed to nursing, this pillow is THE BEST.
4. Stroller/carrier/car seat - splurge, especially living in the city.

Well, I suppose you have enough people to give you advice and I hardly know you at all...but I'm always excited to hear when a new baby is coming into the world!

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Ok, I'm an honorary aunt, and recently went through the buying frenzy.
Boppy, a must
Breast Pump, get the nice one, you'll thank yourself. My 'nephew' wouldn't nurse the 6 months, so my friend pumped for 6 months, then all of a sudden Zach liked breast feeding and hated bottles. Boys :)
And I'm with Padme, splurge on the kiddy transport equipment.

Enjoy shopping for your belly-buddy

Michelle Pessoa said...

Hi, Pads!

I purchased a Dutailier rocker-glider yesterday. I sat on both the Dutailier and Jardine models and there was a big difference! The former was much more comfortable.

I'm not sure whether to get the Avent breast pump or the Medela. They're both highly rated.

I've heard good things about the boppy pillow. Is it any better than the Breast Friend pillow? (What a corny name, by the way!)

My mom is anti-stroller for some reason. I don't get it. I guess she carried me everywhere in her arms. Not for me. :)

I have a bunch of old people giving me advice, so more contemporary advice is greatly appreciated!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Your friend tried to nurse for six months before the baby took to it? Wow.

I'm concerned about what happens when I go back to work. No way can I pump milk on the job. That will not fly where I work.

Another thing to worry about.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

She had a charagable pump, and sometimes would use a rest room during her breaks to pump. Her son was about 2 weeks early, and she thinks he just prefered the bottle b/c it was easier, took less energy.
NYC should have tons of support groups to help new moms and give them breast feeding help and ideas, so you should be fine :)

Claude said...

Mazel Tov!

Most places are pretty cool about giving you a few minutes of peace when it comes to pumping. I worked in a school not too long ago where the principal was just plain crazy, and even she was willing to give up her office for the time it took my friend to pump. Just ask 'em; the worst they can do is laugh and point.

My advice re: baby clothes is that you should tell people to buy stuff (now) for when the kid is about a year old or so. If you don't, I guarantee that you'll get so much stuff in the Newborn size that your baby will go through at least one outfit per day and never wear it again because there are Just. So. Many. Outfits.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Hi, again, Claude!

Good advice about the baby clothes. I think most of the people who may buy gifts have had kids in the last decade or so, so hopefully they will hook me up with outfits in useful sizes.