Friday, July 14, 2006

BabyPlus Update

Back on January 26 I blogged about the BabyPlus prenatal system that I was using to stimulate Orlando’s brain in utero. Today someone visiting my blog left the following comment.

Anonymous asked:
Did BabyPlus work for you? Curious as to what feedback you may have on the product. I'm 23 weeks and am thinking of purchasing... Thanks!
My answer:

Baby Orlando has a pretty mild personality and I've noticed that he doesn't get freaked out by unusual sounds. He grins when I play the BabyPlus for him now that he’s born, so it's possible that he remembers the sound, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. He went through a period where he had a lot of gas, but he’s never cried for an hour (or more) straight the way a baby with colic does. Thankfully the gas problem didn’t last that long. BabyPlus couldn’t get him to latch on the way some of the testimonials claimed, but the breastfeeding debacle is the subject for another thread.

In short, I think he finds the sounds from the BabyPlus very comforting, but it remains to be seen whether he reaches his developmental benchmarks early because of the device. It can’t hurt. If it’s in your budget or you can get someone to buy one for you, go for it.

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