Sunday, July 23, 2006

Second Half Predictions

Yes, we’re a couple of weeks past the halfway mark in the baseball season, but I forgot to blog about it then, so I’m doing it now.

These were my predictions back on April second:
American League
  • East: New York Yankees

  • Central: Cleveland Indians

  • West: Oakland A’s

  • Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays
National League
  • East: Atlanta Braves

  • Central: St. Louis Cardinals

  • West: San Francisco Giants

  • Wild Card: New York Mets
American League Championship Series
  • Yankees vs. Cleveland
National League Championship Series
  • Cardinals vs. Giants
World Series
  • Yankees vs. Giants
World Champions
  • Yankees

This is how you know I don’t have the Force. I can’t predict shit. Then again, neither could the Emperor (“I have foreseen it”), Yoda (“Forever will it dominate your destiny”)... Yeah, I’m drifting off topic.

Anyway, who could’ve known the suck-ass Tigers would get off to such a start? Why does Cleveland not have its shit together? How did the entire NL become the bitch of the AL, making even Tampa and KC look good (11-7 and 10-8, respectively)? Why doesn’t Boston have a 12 game lead over an injury-plagued Yankee team that boasts an outfield some days of Melky Cabrera, Bubba Crosby and Aaron Guiel?

It pains me, but these are my second half predictions:
American League
  • East: New York Yankees (Fuck it. It can still happen.)

  • Central: Chicago White Sox (I still don’t believe in Detroit.)

  • West: Oakland A’s (I’m sticking with Oakland, but anyone can take this division. I’m tempted to pick the Angels).

  • Wild Card: Detroit Tigers (But the Twins are impressing me with their winning streaks.)
National League
  • East: New York Mets (I don’t think they’ll end the year 13 games in front, however.)

  • Central: St. Louis Cardinals (Sticking with my original pick.)

  • West: San Diego Padres (This division is up for grabs, but I don’t think the Giants can recover from an ineffective Bonds and Arizona went in a tailspin after the Grimsley thing.)

  • Wild Card: Cincinnati Reds
American League Championship Series
  • Tigers vs. White Sox
National League Championship Series
  • Mets vs. Cardinals
World Series
  • Mets vs. White Sox
World Champions
  • White Sox


Luke Cage said...

Not bad luv. No one saw the Tigers coming. That was a shocker. The Mets don't seem like they are going to be stopped by any means so I think they will end up cruising to the playoffs. Here are my predictions although they don't differ much from yours.

American League Championship Series: Tigers vs. Yankees (The bombers will make a serious push when Matsui & Sheffield return. They shouldn't be as close as they are and look where they at)

National League Championship Series:
Mets vs. Cardinals

World Series: Mets vs. Tigers
(Good pitching beats great hitting any day of the week)

World Champions:Tigers

Michelle Pessoa said...

Your predictions are good. The White Sox are starting to look like their pitchers are tired out from going so deep into games.