Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Star Wars Fan Film Awards

July 5th is the last chance to vote on this year’s batch of amateur fan films hosted at Atom Films. Although these are films made by non-professionals, many of them in the past have been quite good. It’s great that hobbyists can now do in their home what it took a small army of people to do back in 1977.

These are the finalists:

  • Pimp My Ship Up: Boba Fett gets a makeover for Slave I. I found it a little slow. The highlight of the short was the Anakin Dynamite cartoon commercial. Very cute.
  • Pitching Lucas: Studio heads try to convince George to incorporate their ideas into the next Star Wars movie. Really good costumes and special effects. The guy playing Lucas looked a lot like him too.
  • Sith’d: A Sith lord plays a prank on a Jedi. Not very imaginative, but good makeup and costumes.
  • Tebok the Ewok: An animated piece featuring two Ewoks stalking stormtroopers on Endor. Cute drawing style.
  • Blue Milk: A young princess Leia makes a commercial for her favorite brand of milk. Cute kid.
  • Confessions: Princess Leia tells us why she doesn’t like Han. Kinda boring.
  • The Dating Show: Han has to choose from three princesses, a la The Dating Game.
  • Han Shoots First: Spoof of the controversy over how Lucas changed the Greedo/Han confrontation in the special edition of Episode IV, then changed it back again.
  • Lab 1138: British scientists invent the lightsaber, but suffer some mishaps.
  • Memoirs of a Padawan: A fan reuses old footage shot by his father and gives it the MasterCard “priceless” treatment.

I voted for Pitching Lucas. Go here to cast your vote!

Be sure to check out past winners such as:

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