Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Best Damn Sports Blog

If you're a sports fan and you haven't stumbled across Can't Stop The Bleeding, you need to check it out. The writing is witty (and a bit mean-spirited) and the author really knows his sports.

Here's an excerpt from his review of last week's home run derby:

I’d already promised someone I’d lay off Big & Rich, but when will those clowns be satisfied? If they aren’t reducing Chuck Barkley to tears, they’re costing Chuck Eddy his job. How do mega-talents like Sam Cooke, Selena and uh, Dimebag Darryl get gunned down, but these motherfuckers manage to survive? Sarah Silverman’s participation in the subsequent Celebrity Softball Game makes her the second Mr. Show alumnus to have played alongside Franco Harris. The first, of course, being Brian Poeshen. Said trash-sports event was the second Dave Winfield public sighting this month, much to the chagrin of Ruth Roper, who reported a burning sensation.

Google "Ruth Roper" and refresh your memory about her and Dave Winfield. LOL!

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Luke Cage said...

LOL.. it is witty, but refreshing. In a Jim Rome is Burning kind of way. thx