Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hell’s Bells

Wow, the National League can’t catch a break in the All Star Game, huh? Reliever Trevor Hoffman snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by blowing a save in the 9th with the American League down to its last strike. A triple, two runs and an appearance by our beloved Mariano Rivera and the AL had sown up its ninth victory since 1997.



I had to suffer through 11 wins in a row by the NL when I was growing up. It’s all good.


Luke Cage said...

LOL!!! You had me going there. I thought you were actually rooting for the NL. Although I truly believed going in, that this was their best lineup in years. The Mets allstars did their thing too. Did you watch the homerun derby. I normally don't watch this, but this one was incredible. D.Wright was clocking some shots, but I don't think he paced himself well because Ryan Howard was putting some moon shots in the 3rd round like he was still in the first. And Wright had already expended so much gas in the first round.. amazing! Hey, maybe Ryan's juiced! -lol

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ah yes, I am a fan of the NL by default because of the Cubs. It just isn't worth it being a Cubs fan.

Then again, it hasn't ben worth it for many, many years now.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Frank, if Trevor hadn't imploded, I think David Wright would've been the MVP. The homerun derby and the All-Star game were coming out parties for him. They big him up in NY, but the rest of the country didn't know him before this.

Jon, are a lot of people in Chicago pretending to be White Sox fans now? I never met anyone who was a White Sox fan until after they won last year. Every Chicago baseball fan I met previously was a Cubs fan.