Thursday, February 02, 2006

Birth Class 1

I went to the first of four birth classes on Monday. It was better than I expected. The one problem was that the classroom was packed and the chairs were uncomfortable. Okay, that’s two things. :)

The classes took place at Methodist Hospital, which is where I’ll be giving birth (it still sounds weird to say that). The hospital is very nice -- the lobby is like an upscale hotel. I’ve heard that the maternity ward is very impressive, but we don’t get to see it until week three, I think.

The nurse who taught the class was good. Not too old, not too young. Good speaking voice. We went for two hours with no break and it didn’t seem so long.

Class one was basically all about labor -- the phases of labor, positions in labor, how to tell real labor from false labor, etc. The nurse also went into exercises we should be doing (I haven’t been doing jack for fear that I’ll hurt myself or the baby).

What everyone really wanted to talk about was pain and pain medication. It’s funny how there’s pressure on women in this country now to not accept or ask for any medication.


Who makes these rules? Me, I want as much drugs as possible. I don’t have shit to prove. And believe me I will not hesitate to ask for a C section. Why mess around?


As I See It So Should You! said...

I've jad several little bundles of joy, and I can tell you, I had them during a time when there wasn't epidorals. All there was more needles to increase the pain.

Unless you're going to have an epidoral, I suggest you start moving around because when those labor pains hit you, you will wish you had. You may curse everyone you know. LOL

Have a healthy baby.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Yeah, I want drugs, and I have no concerns about asking for them. I have a few die hard friends who want to have their baby the old fashion way. Please, not this mama's baby girl. Why the romanace about the 'old fashion way'?

JamaicanQueen said...

As someone who went through labor for five days (I was in an out of labor, my son couldn't make up his mind about leaving) with no drugs. I whole heartedly agree with you. It hurts! Get your drugs if you need them. If I ever had another child I want drugs from the seventh month of pregnancy until I go into labor.

Michelle Pessoa said...

I'm absolutely getting an epidural. I wouldn't want to get a wisdom tooth pulled without meds, why would I want to turn down meds for a process that lasts much longer?

I guess I should do the exercises anyway, though.