Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cable Guys

You can write this post yourself. You know what I’m going to say.

The cable guys (actually, they’re from DirecTV) were supposed to come between 8-12 today. They called at 9 to say they’d be here at 10:30.

They arrived at 11. At 12 they said the drill bit they needed to go through the wall was too dull so they had to get a new one. They said they’d be back in an hour.

The main office at DirecTV must be very vigilant, because they called at 10:20, 11:30 and again at 2 o’clock to see if the guys had completed the job.

The “one hour” the guys promised turned into FOUR and necessitated a call from me to their office to find out where the hell they were.

Then, while they were here, they wanted to install a TiVo box that they had brought instead of using the one that had been shipped to me. They swore I wouldn’t be charged for their box.

Did I trust them? Hell no!

I had to call their local office AGAIN and have their manager order them to install my box.

They finally left here at 5:30, just as the snowstorm started.

A wasted day for me.

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