Sunday, February 12, 2006

BSG: Sacrifice

Another mediocre episode. A woman whose husband was killed in a Cylon attack on one of the fleet’s freighters has become convinced that the Colonial military has been compromised by the Cylons. She and her cohorts take hostages in a bar on the Rising Star and demand that Admiral Adama had over Sharon for execution. Naturally, among the hostages are Ellen Tigh, Lee, Dualla and Billy -- all people who mean something to the major players on Galactica. And Starbuck, who just happens to be there on R&R, gets to lead a rescue mission.

Things I Liked
  • They finally killed Billy.

  • They’ve made it clear that the average person in the fleet really has no idea what is going on. To Joe Survivor in the rag-tag fleet, it’s only a rumor that there’s a Cylon in Galactica’s brig. Underground newspapers and random radio broadcasts are sent out, but no one really knows what we, the audience, know.

  • Ellen is such a skank! She honestly thought Lee wanted to do her in the bathroom. Whew! ;)

  • Col. Tigh is very sensible in this episode. He makes it plain to Adama that he’s been relying too much on Sharon for intel -- and he needs to start thinking of her as a Cylon, not “Sharon,” because there never was a “Sharon.”

  • When Adama asks Sharon if she would ID the other Cylons hiding in the fleet, she says no. He respects that. Interesting.

  • Lee got shot. By friendly fire. By Starbuck. Oops!

Things I Didn’t Like
  • The relationship between Dualla and Lee seems very forced. And I dislike the way she seems to latch on to bland unappealing guys in positions of power. Billy was the right hand of the president and Lee, of course, is the son of humanity’s last military commander.

  • The way Billy got blown away was out of character. Unless maybe he was trying to get killed since Dualla turned down his marriage proposal.

  • Did Dualla even bother to see Billy in the morgue? When she kicks someone to the curb, she don’t play.


Chris H said...

You didn't like Billy? I thought he was one of the more 'real' characters on the show, and I was a little shocked that they killed him off.

I also don't believe the whole Dualla/Lee thing, it does seem forced for dramatic reasons. No chemistry there at all.

I see that next week they will be dealing with the whole 'Pegasus is now under Adama' theme. About time...

Michelle Pessoa said...

Naw, I never liked Billy. He was such a weak character. On the podcast they said they killed off the character because the actor was being offered a lot of leading roles and they didn't want to hold him back. Right. ;)