Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

From AP:
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, spraying the fellow hunter in the face and chest with shotgun pellets.

Harry Whittington, a millionaire attorney from Austin, was in stable condition in the intensive care unit of a Corpus Christi hospital Sunday.

I wonder if Cheney’s buddy will be into gun control now?



Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I feel bad for the man he shot, and you know you're a crappy hunter when you shoot a guy 30 meters away in an orange hunting vest.

And probably not a chance the guy will be into gun control. Maybe better glasses for his hunting buddies, though

Nicole said...

Michelle, after conversation with David in the V today, this link made me laugh out loud.

Ten Ways in Which Dick Cheney Can Kill You:

Claude said...

I guess the whole Medicare Part D brouhaha wasn't getting it done quickly enough, so now Dick's just taking out the Senior Citizens himself, one at a time. Heh.

Michelle Pessoa said...

Claude, you're so evil! LOL!