Thursday, February 23, 2006

Five Days and a Wakeup

Next Friday is my last day of work. After that I’ll be using vacation days to bridge the gap until my real maternity leave starts.

Man, I’m tired. I’m bringing things to a close at work, cleaning up my hard drive and taking home personal items.

I’m hoping the last few days at work will be uneventful, but I’m sure there’ll be some huge problem.

Counting the days.


flu said...

Congrats. You, as an expectant mom, deserve some sit-around-the-house-and-take-it-easy time.

I've had my personal belongings packed up in a box in the corner of my office for a few days now... but I'm not looking at maternity leave.

Are you going to give someone there your home number, just in case they need some guidance on something?

flu said...

Happy birthday, Michelle! 2-25-06

Michelle Pessoa said...

Thanks, Fluke!

I've tried to document all of the steps for the tasks I normally do, so hopefully that'll do. I'm easy to reach, however.