Monday, February 27, 2006

BSG: Downloaded

In a change of pace, this episode was told from the point of view of the Cylons. We really don't learn more about their society or their religion, but we do get to see what happens when they reincarnate.

The Sharon who was shot by Callie and the Number Six who was with Baltar during the attack on Caprica are brought together by the Lucy Lawless Cylon, last seen on the Galactica as the reporter D'Anna Biers. Sharon and Number Six, though both seen as heroes to the Cylons, are having trouble adjusting to being reincarnated. D'Anna feels that Six can help Sharon, but ultimately Sharon makes Six question what it means to be a Cylon.

Meanwhile, back on Galactica, the other Sharon's baby is being delivered prematurely.

Things I Liked
  • It was interesting to see an episode where the Cylons were interacting with each other.

  • Caprica Sharon really loathes herself. Her deep cover programming was so complete, she still feels human and still feels used she was by the Cylons when she shot Adama.

  • Baltar is in Six's head the way Six is in Baltar's head back on Galactica. An amusing touch.

  • The Cylons are rebuilding Caprica, planting trees and opening up cafes. They hate humans but they can't think of anything else to do but imitate them. Sad.

  • The decision to hide Sharon's super baby with an unsuspecting foster mother is interesting, since it's something that happens in a lot of fairy tales and myths. It's one of those things that happen in a Hero's Journey tale, but the baby almost never is a girl.

  • No Apollo or Dualla in this episode.

Things I Didn't Like
  • D'Anna obviously doesn't like or trust Sharon or Six, so why go through the farce of trying to rehabilitate them? Why didn't she immediately "box" them (retrieve their memories and trash their bodies) instead of toying with them?

  • I wish the reincarnation had been more interesting. They just wake up in a vat of goo.

  • That Doc Cottle sure is offensive. He shows his typical crass bedside manner to Sharon in the birthing room when he says, "You people went to all the trouble of imitating us -- you should've upgraded the plumbing." This is in response to the fact that Sharon has a detached placenta. That's nice.

  • Anders' commandos decide to blow up the Cylon cafĂ©. It's basically a useless gesture, designed mostly so that the writers can have Six and Sharon come across Starbuck's dogtags on him when they meet.

  • I'm assuming that they drugged the baby to fool the parents, but I'm surprised that Sharon couldn't tell that the baby wasn't really dead.

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