Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winter Olympics

Yeah, I’m watching it.

February is a weird sportless limbo most of the time for me. Football season is over (not that I’m really into that, but it’s something to watch on Sunday), spring training hasn’t really started and I don’t care for basketball.

So, I’m watching.

Mostly I find myself watching to catch someone busting their ass. Busting one’s ass seems to be a possibility in nearly every event, unlike in the summer Olympics which features a lot of events where there’s no possibility of someone getting a concussion (swimming, badminton, shooting, etc.) . There have been some spectacular wipeouts in the skiing events and the falls in the ice dancing on Sunday made me wince.

But so far the most painful thing I’ve seen in these games was the opening ceremonies. For some unknown reason as the countries made their entrances they were accompanied by a disco medley straight out of a Friday night mix in ’80 on WKTU. It was unreal. They played Le Freak, I’m Your Boogie Man, Hot Stuff, Spank, I Will Survive, some stuff by the Village People and on and on and...

What in the world was that all about? They’re in Italy, for God’s sake.

Celebrate your own culture.

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