Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ailing Ortiz in thoughts of teammates

OAKLAND -- Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital on Tuesday evening for tests to determine why he has experienced palpitations multiple times over a 10-day span. The big slugger remained in the thoughts of his teammates.

"You just hope that everything is OK," said Red Sox second baseman Mark Loretta. "Baseball kind of takes a back seat when you're talking about things of this nature. Obviously, we want him and need him, but we know that it's much bigger than baseball. They're going to do some tests and hopefully that will rule anything and put his mind at ease. Maybe it's fatigue or stress or a combination of the two."

Ortiz experienced stress, dehydration, lack of sleep and a rapid heartbeat on Aug. 18 and checked into Massachusetts General Hospital for observation the next day, where he was kept overnight and released with a clean bill of health.

He actually played (and played hard) in the Yankees series while experiencing this. Contrast that with Manny who took himself out of one of the games when he (supposedly) tweaked his knee.


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Luke Cage said...

Although he's been poison to us Michelle, I'm a big fan of Big Papi. This beast can just flat out HIT!!! I do wish him the best though and that he recovers for the stretch run. You know if the Sawks don't take the east or make the wild card, they'll say "well, we didn't have Big Papi"... you know how Red Sawks Nation does.. big babies!

Michelle Pessoa said...

Yeah, Papi is like Worf from Star Trek -- you have to respect his power. Papi is so clutch it's unreal. I'm just wondering if one day we'll find out he was on HGH during this run he's been on and he'll be forever tarnished.

Luke Cage said...

Holy sh@# Michelle. I never even... Naaahhh.. it's too good to be true. I have to say this, but alot of those latin, cuban and Puerto Rican players are just pure hitters like its nobody's business. Steroid use is probably an insult to them. What do you think?

Michelle Pessoa said...

What about Rafael Palmeiro? And don't forget David Segui was using HGH.